Are you planning to produce Renewable Energy on Australian land?

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According to National Electricity Rules (NER), all Generators must provide information and models of their Power System to AEMO (Australian Electricity Market Operator)  in NER’s specified circumstances.

AEMO requires this information and models to develop mathematical models for plant, including the impact of their control systems and protection systems on power system security.

As a Renewable Energy Producer such as Solar Farm, Wind and Hydro in Australia, generating certain MWs of power, specific rules will apply.

iEngineering Australia is here to help you prepare and furnish the information and models required by AEMO.

Deliverables include:

  • Power System Design Data Sheets
  • Power System Setting Data Sheets
  • Site-specific RMS models
  • Site-specific EMT models
  • A RUG (Releasable User Guide) for both RMS and EMT models
  • Dynamic Studies Report
  • Benchmarking Report
  • Voltage Control Strategy Report

When the Inverter models are not readily available by the manufacturers , iEngineering has the capability to produce Inverter models using in-house Engineering expertise combined with industry approved commercial software.

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