AUD – Automated Utility Design​

Experience the Best of What Modern Automated Utility Design Has to Offer

AUD is a software developed for utilities i.e. electric, gas, water and telecommunication distribution design that combines design and documentation with rules-driven workflows and analysis. AUD helps to improve the accuracy of the designs; it also provides analysis and optimization of network designs for greater performance and reliability and delivers more consistent and coordinated documents.

AUD is a plug-in to the AutoCAD which is the world’s number one computer-aided design software. So, you get all the functionality of AutoCAD which allows AUD users native access to 3D models, other design information from AutoCAD Map 3D, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Electrical and a variety of other common Geographical Information System and web-based data source. The contractors can easily exchange important documents to support integrated design and construction workflow.

Model-based design:

Automated Utility Design the utility assets are created as intelligent models that include engineering properties as well as other physical and topological attributes. It allows AUD users to perform engineering analysis for properties such as cable sag, cable pulling tension and direction, voltage drop, clearances, and guying. It also supports joint trench allocation and specialized job conditions.

AUD – Automated Utility Design​
AUD – Automated Utility Design​

Design process automation

Automated Utility Design the designs laid out are based on an organization’s design standards and business rules. Pole spacing, guying, and end equipment sizing can be defined for a specific job or an entire organization. AUD can support projects ranging from simple maintenance work to large and highly engineered capital projects. Following things are included in the automation:

1. Automatic report generation

2. Automatic BOM

3. Automatic estimation

4. Automatic feature placement

5. Automatic generation for construction documents, callouts, schedules, and details. Making the common design processes automatic ensures consistent, accurate, and efficient designs possible.

AUD – Automated Utility Design​

Automated Utility Design- AUD Advantages

Following are some of the advantages as per AUD users experience:

1. Efficient Designs: Using AUD the improvement in overall design efficiency increases by 50% or more. With fewer resource requirements designs can be completed faster.

2. Accurate Designs: AUD ensures more accurate designs for safer construction. Accurate designs help to reduce the need for costly field rework. It also helps in the optimization of the materials ordering and management of construction resources.

3. Better governance of business: AUD makes business processes easy along with generating the necessary record documents to manage demands for governance. The integration of design processes automates critical data management requirements and supports advanced business analytics necessary to support the continuous improvement of the design and construction business process.

AUD users can seamlessly access information from their business systems including GIS, work management, Cost estimation system, material management system, Engineering analysis.

AUD provides purpose-built tools necessary to perform designs for electric, gas, water, and communications organizations which helps users to design better and faster.

AUD is simply the best utility design solution available in the market.


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