SDS – Substation Design Software

Experience the Best of What Modern Substation Design Has to Offer.

Substation Design Software is a proven technology which provides 3D as well as 2D design module with capabilities of providing a full specification for a complete substation. Substation Design Suite™ extends the power of Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD Electrical to provide highly productive substation design tools for intelligent 3D design and intelligent wiring design. SDS is a powerful, comprehensive set of tools that support the design, construction and management of electrical substation which can do both Primary and Secondary Design with Engineering Calculations.

Substation Design Suite™ – Physical extends the power of Autodesk Inventor to provide the necessary capabilities to automate the design and specification of a complete intelligent 3D substation.

Automation with Substation Tools

SDS – Substation Design Software

Substation Design Suite™ saves designers time by automating certain substation specific modeling tasks with specialized substation tools for above grade, below grade and equipment design.

Substation Design Software Improve Design Quality

Substation Design Suite

Model based design combined with Substation Design Suite™ automation of routine tasks and design checking significantly reduce the effect of human interaction in the design process, thus preventing costly errors.

Substation Design Software Design Flexibility

SDS Design

Because Substation Design Suite™ Physical is built on Autodesk Inventor, it offers an established platform with an extensive base of skilled users that can quickly become highly productive. This minimizes the high cost of training and turnover that are experienced using proprietary platforms.

Software High Business Value


At an affordable purchase price, Substation Design Suite™ Protection & Control helps turns your AutoCAD Electrical into a specialized substation design workstation while providing tremendous value by improving designer productivity and providing better information to improve construction effectiveness.

Substation Design Suite™ – Protection & Control extends the power of AutoCAD Electrical to provide the advanced electrical design capabilities necessary to fully layout and specify an electric substation.

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