SDS – Substation Design Software

Substation Design Suite™- The best substation design software available, will speed up substation design

The Substation Design Suite™ (SDS) is a strong, comprehensive collection of tools that aids in the design, construction, and management of electrical substations. It can perform both primary and secondary designs with engineering calculations. There are two strong electrical substation design modules in the Substation Design Suite(SDS). Using Autodesk’s capability, SDS provides you with specific substation design tools for intelligent 3D design and intelligent wiring design. 

Substation Design Suite™ Physical

By enhancing the capabilities of Autodesk products, Substation Design Suite™ Physical offers the tools required to fully automate the design and specifications of a comprehensive intelligent 3D substation design. 

Substation Design Suite™ Protection & Control 

The Substation Design Suite™ Protection & Control (SDS P&C) extends the capabilities of AutoCAD Electrical by offering advanced electrical substation design tools necessary to completely layout and specify an electric substation. 

Feature Summary

Potential Benefits of Using Substation Design Suite™

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