Power Quality Analyser

Electrical power Quality Analyser

Electrical  Power Quality Analyser: iEngineering proudly supplies and services the Power Quality Analyser product line in the Oceania region,

which can measure electric power signals and determine whether the load is operating properly on that power. 

The primary goal of a power quality analyser was to identify power quality concerns. It works by systematically 

sampling the AC voltage at multiple points along a waveform shape. It then does a numerical analysis on all points or values that have been automated. Electrical specialists use power quality analysis to determine

 how a plant’s or building’s electrical system is operating and whether particular electrical faults are present. 

Single current input, harmonics measurement, AC and DC current measurement, voltage measurement, frequency measurement, phase measurement, are the components of power quality analysers. 

Using the PC software provided, all of this data can be logged and analysed. 

Electrical power Applications - Power Quality Analyser is an ideal device for:

Electrical power Quality Analyser types are as follows:

Nanovip-Electrical power


NANOVIP® ONE™-Handy PQ analyser for balanced loads.

Power quality analyser provides all of the functions required to measure and monitor both 

electricity usage and power quality. Single-phase and three-phase balanced LV/MV networks, as well as DC systems, are all compatible with PQ analyser




NANO VIP® TWO™ - Feature-rich and powerful PQ analyser for balanced networks. 

It’s a smart device with all the functions you’ll need to keep track of your electrical usage and power quality. On single-phase, three-phase balanced low and medium 

voltage networks, it can be utilised for a complete power quality analysis.