Power System Studies & Design

iEngineering Group is the Authorised Distributor of NEPLAN Power System Analysis Software and is part of the international NEPLAN®-Consulting group. iEngineering in conjunction with the NEPLAN®-Consulting group offers a wide range of power system studies & design consultancies. More than 600 projects all over the world have already been successfully realised. The NEPLAN®-Consulting group conducts studies to evaluate energy markets, solve electric system design, planning and operations related problems, perform system engineering, and provide equipment application expertise. We help you to optimize the value of your energy assets and transactions, and to better design, plan and operate your transmission, distribution, industrial systems, and/or merchant plant integration projects.

Our services include:

Merchant Project Siting

1) Energy locational marginal price analysis
2) Capacity value assessment
3) Value of ancillary services Forward price discovery Transmission constraint evaluations Value of transmission congestion relief.

Distribution System Planning

1) Budget constrained planning
2) Two-Q (Quality & Quantity) Engineering
3) Distribution network evaluation
4) Distributed resource interconnection

Market and Individual Asset Evaluation

1) Valuation of generating and transmission assets
2) Market risk assessment, profit and loss potentials
3) Project due diligence activities
4) Physical transmission access capability

Reliability & RCM

1) Probabilistic system planning
2) T&D system reliability evaluation
3) Substation RAM studies
4) Integrated generation and transmission planning
5) Failure mode, effect, fault tree analysis

Feasibility/System Impact/Facility Upgrading

1) Load flow, contingency, short circuit and stability
analysis for the interconnection of merchant projects
2) Interconnection configuration and conceptual designs
3) System reinforcement option and cost assessment

Protective Relaying and Controls

1) Protective system design and relay coordination
2) Adaptive relaying, fault location
3) Phasor estimation, power quality, high impedance fault detection
4) Integration of protection, control and monitoring
5) Wide-area disturbance protection and control

Transmission Capability Analysis

1) Transmission constraint identification and mitigation
2) Simultaneous transfer limit calculations
3) ATC calculation with consideration of TRM/CBM


1) AC/DC interactions and planning
2) Conversion of AC lines to DC
3) Dynamic performance & control requirements
4) AC/DC filter design
5) Reactive power requirements
6) Equipment specification

System Dynamics and Control

1) Transient and dynamic stability analysis
2) Control tuning, design and interactions
3) SSR, SSTI, transient torque, torsional interaction
4) Voltage instability

Flexible AC Transmission (FACTS)

1) Planning: location, type and size
2) Dynamic performance & control requirements
3) Control design, interactions
4) Static VAR systems: SVC, GTO-based SVC

Insulation Coordination

1) Arrester rating, energy requirements and location
2) Switching transients, equipment BIL, BSL
3) Phase-to-ground & phase-to-phase clearances
4) Contamination performance
5) Circuit breaker recovery voltage


1) EPR, LFI, Step & Touch Calculations
2) Based on either European CENELEC, American IEEE and IEC standards

Harmonic Analysis

1) Harmonic filter design, filter performance and rating
2) AC/DC harmonic filters, including active filters
3) Network harmonic flow

Education & Training

1) Short 3- 5 day courses, regional or at customer site
2) 1 day NEPLAN introduction

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