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DC Charger

Accelerate your electric vehicle using our DC Charger.

Globally people want Revolution in the Auto-Sector towards E-Mobility. Currently, there are lots of transport system that is dependent on fossil fuels which is not environmentally friendly. So many vehicle manufacturers are transforming to E-Mobility.

To assist our E-mobility customers iEngineering Group is proud to provide high quality iPower series fast charging solution as a turnkey solution. The product range include AC and DC charging stations characterized with high stability, good performance and CE certified.

DC charging station directly outputs direct current to charge the vehicle-mounted battery. 

Our power for DC charger  includes 30kW, 60kW, 90kW,120kW, 150kW or 40kW, 80kW, 160kW, 180kW, or higher and the charging speed is fast. Also, we can customise EV chargers up to 400kW. These chargers generally can be installed in service/ train stations, shopping/business car parking, bus routes or depots, etc.

Because DC Fast Charging avoids the on-board charger’s limits and needed conversion, and instead delivers DC power directly to the battery, charging speed can be significantly enhanced. Charging periods vary depending on the battery capacity, dispenser output, and other factors, but most DC fast chargers can charge a vehicle to 80% in about an hour. 

Older automobiles were limited to charging at 50kW on DC units (if they could charge at all), but newer vehicles are now available that can accept up to 270kW. Because battery size has increased dramatically since the first EVs were introduced, DC chargers have gotten ever larger outputs to keep up, with some being capable of up to 350kW

For high mileage/long distance travel and large fleets, DC rapid charging is important. The quick turnaround allows drivers to recharge during the day or during a short stop rather than having to plug in overnight or for several hours to get a full charge. 

Turnkey Solutions :

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Here are some of the benefits of choosing iPower series EV charger:

Experience Efficient & Safe way to Charge your EVs with iPower Series by iEngineering Group:


We supply CCMS (Cloud Charging Management System) and Mobile app. The CCMS is a cloud-based service management platform that allows operators to optimize the charging experience. Operators can easily manage accessibility and remotely monitor stations, bill users easily through a single background management system, and generate a variety of valuable data on how your stations are being used.


DC charger


DC charger

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