LV Electrical Control Panels

Electrical control panel-Power Factor Correction Units

Electrical control panel

 Electrical control panel  We are the leading supplier of Power Quality solutions to improve power quality issues like poor Power Factor, Harmonics generated by nonlinear loads in electrical network, maintenance & repair cost due to losses, Transformer Losses, Energy Saving etc. We have expertise in Design, Engineering & supply of wide range of panels comprising customized Fixed type panels, Contactor switched panel, Thyristor Switched panel etc. 

Motor Control Centre

LV-electrical-control-panels   Motor Control Centers are suitable for operation of motors ranging from 0.5HP to 500HP capacity. Motor control center contains various types of starting viz. Direct on line (DOL), Star-Delta, autotransformer, Soft starter etc. Local and remote operation facility, compatible to PCC/DCS based operation. Motor Control Center is properly ventilated in case of higher size of motor starter. Component layout is made so as to facilitate ease of operation and maintenance.

Power Control Centre Panels

Power Control Centre is used for distribution and control of various power source used in industry. Normally Power Control Centers is installed near power source hence fault level is high. It is designed to suit fault level of 50KA or 65KA for 1 sec. Busbar system in Power Control Centers are designed to suit the fault level as well as temperature rise to 40°c above ambient. Ample space is provided for cable termination. Various protections viz short circuit, overload, earth fault, under voltage etc are provided to protect source and equipment.

Main Distribution Board

LV-electrical-control-panels  We are supplier of Customized MDB panel Single or Multiple Incoming power sources with MCCB’s / MCB’s & protection devices available in both withdrawable type & Fixed version.

Main Distribution Board

Power Distribution Board Panel

LV-electrical-control-panels   We are supplier of PDB panels for the applications like Power Distribution, Control, Ground Fault Protection & Monitoring.

Power Distribution  Panels are used for distribution of power on down streams. Since it is located at down stream fault level is normally lower about 20 to 35KA. Normally it is designed to carry current up to 800A. Advantage of using Power Distribution Panel is to clear fault locally hence it does not affect Upstream Switchgear.

Metering Panels

LV-electrical-control-panels  We supply Modular, custom Built metering panels for Residential & commercial applications.

PLC Control Panel

LV-electrical-control-panels PLC based automation systems are used for    automatic control of various processes in plant and machines. PLC comprises of digital I/Os, analog I/Os, special function modules etc. Use of PLC avoids conventional relay logics. PLC is used in combination of HMI, SCADA to facilitate operation. 

VFD Panel

LV-electrical-control-panels Variable Frequency Drive is widely used in electro-mechanical drive systems for controlling torque and speed of AC motors. This drive consists of controller assembly, AC motor, and operator interface. This drive is very important for speed control with complete torque, which is possible via the maximum rated speed. If the latter speed requirements to be surpassed, then torque requirements to be reduced. VFD operate by manipulating the output frequency via alteration of incoming AC current to DC.

Generator Control Panel

LV-electrical-control-panels :  A generator’s control panel connects to several sensors throughout the unit to bring you vital information regarding system efficiency, voltage and run hours; triggering alarms and display warnings if something is wrong. Used in conjunction with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS); the control panel can start the generator the instant that a power outage is detected.

PV Distribution Board

PV Distribution Board  : We are involved in supplying, importing, exporting and trading PV Distribution Board.

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