Australian Bush Fires – Can this device help us?

Deadly Bushfire recently devasted the large parts of our beautiful forest and killed many wildlife.

Can an Early Streamer Lightning Arrestor collect lightning strikes and discharge safely?

This device could be installed at the highest points and most frequently strike areas based on past record of metrological department. The idea is to collect and discharge energy in air and mitigate the bushfire.

Our lightning arresters are:

  • Functional under all lightning strokes, positive and negative.
  • Protection radius of 120m to 150m.
  • They have Early Streamer Emission time.
  • Tested in rain, salt mist and sulphurous humid atmosphere.
  • High quality & certified for open areas, factories, industrial building, high risk areas.

We can provide the best quality & well-known brands in lightning arrester with our partners ensuring the safety of your equipment, workers & infrastructures.

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