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Different Brands of Internet Of Things (IOT) Modules



Integration of hardware, software & services, information flows horizontally & vertically. Totally Integrated Automation from Siemens – The worlds leading automation concept. Holistic approach. Maximum connectivity. End-to-end consistency. Innovative & future-proof.

The Internet of Things is changing the world. Siemens‘ answer: SIMATIC IOT2000. With SIMATIC IOT2050, Siemens offers a solution for open source applications for education – with SIMATIC quality for 24/7 operation. You benefit from the open, expandable hardware (PCIe- and Arduino Uno R3-compatible interface), the Linux based operating system (Debian). SIMATIC IOT2050 is your link to digital dimensions – the smart gateway for cloud connections.


Schneider Electric Is Leading The Digital Transformation Of Industrial Automation Markets. Energy Efficiency. Remote Everywhere. Industry Specific

Pro-face IoT Gateway. Collect data relaying one device to another. No serial port available. Unable to extend. No data collection expected. Here’s solution presented. Pro-face IoT Gateway relays data communication between HMI and PLC. No port needs to be available. No need of changing programs. The stable design that retains communication of connected devices even when Pro-face IoT Gateway is powered off.

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