Miscellaneous Hardware Supplies

In Miscellaneous Hardware Supplies , we can provide Woodward Governors and Fuel Solenoids and speed controls for DG and Turbines.

Miscellaneous Hardware Supplies

Duct Air flow switch is a kind of heating, cooling and air conditioning equipment, which is used to control and monitor air, non-aggressive gases flow in ducts, chambers, etc.

Vane Operated Air Flow Switch is sensitive, and mounting is fast and simple. It has rugged die cast body, stainless steel vane and SPDT snap switch.


Adjustable Air Flow Paddle Switch has a stainless steel vane, galvanized steel base and ABS enclosure


Products related to electrical measurements, electrical protection, time relays process control and automation components.

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Hybrid recorder allows digital printout on analog trend or pen traces on 100 mm wide chart paper. the RM10G offers 152 x 152 mm din size panel and the RM10N replaces former model RE10 recorder.

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Miscellaneous Hardware Supplies

Miscellaneous Hardware Supplies

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Its highly accurate digital manometer effectively aids to perform the necessary test and calibration tasks quickly.

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