Maintenance Excellence Cost Saving

iEngineering Group Maintenance Excellence Cost Saving Consulting provides organisational assessments, implementation support and training to organisations that are committed to achieving greater performance through optimizing their existing Maintenance activities.

We not only provide management advisory services to our clients, we support them through the critical implementation phase and provide ongoing maintenance support

maintenance excellence cost saving iEngineering Services:

Project Organization:

The Project Organization (comprising iEngineering Staff & CARL Technical Experts) will answer your needs and fit your objectives, while taking into account constraints in your organizations.

Our high-quality operational consultants can bring their expertise and take over the management of your project throughout all phases of the project.

Intermediate milestones validate the completion of each phase of the project and guarantee the success of your project.

Following the kick-off meeting, the teams trigger the project implementation phases as follow:


1. Gather and Review Client Existing Data   Our Project Manager will collect and review all the documents / list such as asset list, inventory list, Preventive Maintenance, etc.,
2.Preparation for pre-kick-off meeting with the client

Our Project Manager will create a presentation that will cover the below points :

1.Information acquired from documents/list.

2.List of clarifications to client.

3.Role appointment-Software Responsibility

4.Kickoff meeting Agenda

3.Pre-kick off meeting with ClientProject Manager will meet the client and have a pre-kick-off meeting.
4.Preparation of kick-off presentation/final deliverables to client

Project Manager will create a presentation that will cover all the below points

1.Overview of CARL Software

2.Implementation Methodology

3.Final Software and Maintenance Workflow

4.Data collection milestone.

5.Training Agenda

6.List of documents that client will received for each project phases e.g: Certification, completion report etc..

7.Software Support Information

8.Summary of Approvals and Deliverables.

9.Project Timeline.

5. Kick-off meeting with ClientProject Manager will have the Kick-off meeting with Client
6.Getting Approval of final deliverables from ClientProject Manager will send and get the final approvals of all the points discussed on the Kick-off meeting.
7.Training on Data importing(CARL Loader)

CARL Software Trainer (Application Engineer) will train the client on the below points:

1.How to use the Standard excel format to import data to CARL Software.

2.Data Collection Standards

8.Onsite Data CollectionOur Application Engineer will clarify all Client doubts when performing the data collection task and will do a regular review of the data collected by the client.
9.Final Review of DataOnce the data collection is completed by the client , TL will do all the final checking and validation of data with client.
10.Import of DataTL will guide and help the client to import the standard excel format in the CARL Software using the CARL Loader
11.Going to Live – SoftwareTL will delete all sample data that will created on the training phase and make sure that all data collected in ‘Onsite Data collection’ phase are correct and not affected by the training.
12.Over the Shoulder Management  TL will visit the client to check the progress of implementation of CARL Software and to clarify doubts / issues faced by the client.
13.Final SignoffTL will get the final Signoff that the project is completed.

maintenance excellence cost saving Our Successive services flow:


CARL Source Architecture


maintenance excellence cost saving Technical Support

Technical services take care of the installation of CARL Source. Our technicians can also carry out a transfer of technical expertise to the software administrators.

The service is carried out in presence of a System Engineer and if needed, with the Project Manager:

Installation is sized to install CARL Source and the database engine on (one or more) servers in accordance to the advised equipment descriptive document recommendations.

maintenance excellence cost saving Assistance in Implementation

Our  consultants help you  with the implementation of    CARL Source functionalities.

The service is carried out in presence of the key project parties:

Maintenance Support within 24 hours for any problem

Standard Option


CARL Pilot- A Complete Range of Services for implementing CMMS/EAM System

It includes services essential to optimization of software implementation:

Simplified presentation of the CARL Pilot methodology

Maintenance Excellence Cost Saving