CARL – Computerized Maintenance Management System/Enterprise Asset Management

CARL Source, The new Generation of CMMS/EAM

Carl Software is one of the top most maintenance management software in the world and has been in market for over 35 years. Carl Software products are used by tens of thousands of users in Asia Pacific, Europe, America and around the world, and in many different fields of business.

Maximise your assets with the best-in-class Asset Management System. CARL Software with more than 35 years of experience exclusively in this field has perfected to provide a very simple yet powerful & user-friendly solution for work order Management, Preventive Maintenance, equipment Maintenance, Inventory optimisation, Budget control & More!


CARL Software comes in different verticalisations, each one customised for a different application. They include;

CARL Healthcare


CARL Factory

CARL Transport

CARL Facility

CARL Cloud

Carl Cloud

CARL Touch

Carl Touch

CARL Flash

Carl Flash

CARL Xpress

Carl xpress

Digital equipment platform

Innovation: 3D GIS & CIM

CARL Software’s ambition is to become a major player in operational BIM solutions. Accordingly, it has enhanced the CARL Maps module of its CARL Source software package with solutions for interacting with data from digital models.

CARL Maps is a multi-scale solution for processing and interacting with maps (GIS), plans and BIM models directly via native CARL Source functions. CARL Maps: expected benefits for operators CARL Software have designed an IFC connector and implemented an API for incorporating 3D aspects of models into the CARL Source CMMS by integrating 3D viewing solutions available on the market.


Innovation IoT : Definition and basic concepts

With its capacity for the online, real-time connection between goods, places, and humans and its ability to transfer data over a wireless network to an Information System without human interaction, the Internet of Things (IoT)  is shaking up companies in every sector of activity.

Thanks to the contribution of observation data sourced from the physical world, the fast and secure communication between physical goods and their digital existence (CMMS, digital mock-up), the IoT opens new perspectives:

  • Optimization of maintenance performance: the right gesture at the right time and at the best cost.
  • Energy management.
  • Simulations and Forecasts.

It is in this perspective that we have developed our IoT platform dedicated to maintenance: with its ability to manage every component in an IoT system, from sensor to data valuation in the CMMS, the IoT platform furnishes technical departments with the provisional data they need to optimize preventive maintenance and equipment operation.

Innovation IoT : CARL IoT platform…

Thanks to our IoT platform, technical services will be able to:

  • Understand: when, why and how a malfunction occurs.
  • Predict/anticipate the consequence(s) of the malfunction.
  • Make recommendations as to the action(s) to be taken: maintain and/or configure equipment and/or take action on the environment (temperature, geographical position,).

To do this, the IoT platform dialogs with CARL Source, our maintenance management solution, with the platform delivering a range of functionalities dedicated to the maintenance of equipment and connected infrastructures:

  • Pairing between connected objects and CARL Source measurement points.
  • Triggering of requests for intervention or intervention on thresholds or alarms from connected objects.
  • Predictive maintenance: links between maintenance plans and connected objects.
  • Business dashboard.
  • Monitoring of equipment from CARL Source (display of dashboards, alarms, events).
  • Data Collection.
  • Data storage.
  • Data processing: filtering, decoding, transformation…

Innovation IoT : Sample of connected objects

A connected object is an autonomous active device characterized by 3 fundamentals:

  • 1 or more sensors
  • Data pre-processing
  • Connectable to the network or to other objects


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