Explore our wide range of industrial lighting solutions with contemporary designs and highly effective glass optics for maximum illumination. Our highly efficient high-power industrial LED lights are safe, energy-efficient, cost-effective, and are perfect fit for various industrial, commercial, residential, and outdoor areas. 

Product Range for Lighting

Decorative Lights

In Decorative iEngineering supply various different and attractive with very good quality, in decorative lights we have garden lights, wall lights, ground lights-LED inground and underground lights, industry . Decorative lights are mainly used in industry hotels halls, on roads to emphasize the beauty of the place. 

LED Intelligent Light Control

In LED Intelligent  control new technology of LED are their like Dali Interface and ZHAGA interference, this technology of lights not only giving us lights but also taking records of the humidity temperature number of vehicles passes through the road or number of people comes in out all the things can be recorded through this technology. 

DALI is the young generation  control protocol in the realm of  control at present, which adopt Manchester encoding transmission. 

Solar Indoor-Outdoor Lights

Wide range of solar indoor and outdoors like LED solar street  , floodlights, with below features: 

Solar Wi Fi and 4 G Camera

We are supplier for the monitor camera and solar Wi Fi HD camera with following features: 

iMonitor Camera

4G Wireless camera

Application Areas



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