Cable Tray and Support System

Cable Trays & Support System

A cable tray gadget is utilized in constructing electric wiring to assist insulated electric wires used for strength distribution, control, and communication. 

Cable trays are a mechanical support system that can support electrical cables used for power distribution, control, and communication. They are the perfect solution for running large quantities of power or data cables overhead or under-floor. 

  • Ladder Cable Trays are a part of the product range.
  • Cable trays with twine mesh
  • Cable trays in channels
  • Accessories for cable trays with radians of 300, 600, and 900: vertical bends, horizontal bends, internal bends, out of doors bends, reducers, and tees.


What are cable trays of the ladder-type?

Cable Tray with inside the Form of a Ladder : These cables have a steady spacing among them and are made from longitudinal facet rails or rungs which can be welded or bolted to the facet rails in a few situations.

This fashion of cable tray lets in heat-generating cables, inclusive of strength cables, to respire as a good deal as possible. 

Product Range

Ladder Cable trays

Ladder Cable tray has two side rails connected by rungs. This type of cable tray and accessories is effective because the ladder rungs give you easy accessibility to the cables, from the top or bottom. 

Perforated Cable trays

Wire-mesh Cable trays

This type of tray also called basket cable tray and accessories, is a kind of cable tray made of stainless-steel wires by welding wires together, forming a basket-like mesh. 

Channel Cable trays


It helps and protects each electricity and sign cables and enables upgrading, expanding, reconfiguring, or moving networks. 


They have strong facet rail safety that permits the unfastened float of air through the machine,  fashionable width of those trays are 6 to twenty-five inches, intensity is of three to six inches, and lengths are 10 to twelve toes throughout the installation. 

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