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Power Quality Studies

What are power quality studies?

What are power quality studies?  An electric power quality study is a systematic analysis to identify power quality issues, look for the base causes, and tips for improvement in an electrical system. Those issues are surges, harmonics, high-frequency noise, transient voltage, wave distortion, interruptions, frequency variations, etc. Power quality studies are also meant to be a focused and […]
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ACCREDITED SERVICE PROVIDERS’ RULES AND HISTORY:  The NSW’s contestable works scheme allows customers to choose which ASP connects them to the electricity supply. This competitive marketplace reduces costs and delays for NSW consumers connected to the power grid.   The ASP scheme is governed by the Electricity Supply (General) Regulation 2001 and establishes a competitive framework […]
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EV Charging Strategy for Building or Apartment

How to finalize the EV Charging Strategy for your Building or Apartment? The rise of EVs creates difficulty for existing apartments or buildings to handle this increased electricity demand. It can be easy to set up electrical infrastructure for EV chargers for the first few EV owners but providing power to charge all complete building […]
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How to do Arc Flash Study?

How to do Arc Flash Study? Arc flash study could be very critical in electricity systems. An arc flash is a phenomenon in which a flashover of electrical current leaves its intended path and travels via the air from one conductor to another, or to the ground. The consequences are frequently violent and extreme damage […]
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Substation Digital Twin

    Substation Digital Twin iEngineering Group  Mayur Bhate  Apoorv Mayekar  Supriya Danekar As we all know that a digital twin is a representation of physical asset that can help you better manage onsite operations. Here is an example showing the value provided by digital twin of substation. Imagine with just few clicks you will be […]
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