Emergency Mobile EV Charger

iPower Emergency mobile EV charger

iPower Emergency mobile EV charger is the perfect solution to provide Fast DC Charging for roadside assistance on electric vehicles or for battery operated tools & equipment used in remote areas.

Emergency mobile EV charger Easy Charging Power Everywhere

Our Emergency EV charging system can be mounted in a van/ute or truck. It can then be driven to a power-run-out electric vehicles for emergency charging. iPower Mobile EV charger is complies with AS_NZS 3000, AS_IEC 61851, AS_IEC 62196.2 Standards.

EV Charger Applications & Features

EV Charger Applications & Features

Emergency mobile EV charger 60kW Mobile Charging System

iPower charger consists of a built in 56kWh battery storage pack and 60kW fast DC battery charging system.

iPower Emergency Mobile EV charging Station

Charger input

iPower charging system’s 56kwh battery pack can be charged at any public EV charging station (AC/DC) with CCS2 or CCS1, CHAdeMO, type 2, or type 1 charging plugs/cables once battery level is low.

iPower Emergency Mobile EV charging Station

Charger Output

This 60kW fast charging system can charge any EV with charging plugs/cables of type CCS1 or CCS2, CHAdeMO or Tesla.

iPower Emergency Mobile EV charging Station 

  • iEngineering, an EV charger firm, has released a portable unit that allows EV drivers to power up anywhere, not just at home or at charging stations. 
  • It does not require installation. 
  • The charger can be added to the services offered by roadside assistance businesses. 
  • The charging station may be a little further down the road than expected, which is terrible news for an EV owner and the origin of the term “range anxiety.” If you have an internal-combustion engine vehicle, roadside assistance can arrive with a couple gallons of gas and send you on your way. Not so with an electric vehicle, but iEngineering, a charger firm, has stepped up to support electric vehicles in need with a portable charger. 
  • The device is compatible with all automobiles, including Teslas, and is self-contained, requiring no installation. This is a product for people who own a lot of electric vehicles or run a roadside help business.