Neara – Power lines design and analysis

The Neara platform delivers a true digital twin for the infrastructure industry, performing complex engineering-grade analysis automatically and at a whole-of-network scale.

What is NEARA?

Neara enables energy utilities to efficiently and easily create cloud-based 3D digital models of their entire network, auto-generated from existing company data, such as GIS, DXF, LiDAR, and more.
Underpinned by intelligent physics and engineering algorithms, Neara’s 3D models are fully customizable, editable and able to evolve with the physical asset.
The Neara platform is capable of performing complex calculations, such as finite element analysis. These calculations can be deployed to perform a broad spectrum of design and asset management use cases, accounting for environmental conditions such as terrain, wind, and temperature. This enables teams to analyze changes or modifications to the network prior to conducting work on the physical asset.

Neara Designer

Accelerate the design process with greater accuracy, speed, and efficiency.

Neara Analytics

Network-wide scenario analysis for asset management, operations, and planning.

Neara Point Cloud

An end-to-end solution for point-cloud data, all on one intelligent platform.