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EVChargers Shamal Dhenge

Globally people want Revolution in the Auto-Sector towards E-Mobility. Currently, there are lots of transport system that is dependent on fossil fuels which is not environmentally friendly. So many vehicle manufacturers are transforming to E-Mobility.

Electricity is much cheaper than gas, and EVs are highly efficient, so it will cost you much less per kilometre to drive an electric car.


Electric Vehicles(EV)can also reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change and smog, improving public health and reducing ecological damage. Charging your EV on renewable energy such as solar or wind minimizes these emissions even more.


Benefits of using Electric Vehicles:


  • Inexpensive to run.
  • Economical to maintain.
  • Cheaper to register.
  • Better for the environment.
  • Better for our health.

To assist our E-mobility customers iEngineering Group is proud to introduce high quality EV chargers for your Electric Vehicles. We provide complete end to end solution from Feasibility studies, Utility application & Design, Electrical installation, Commissioning along with our cloud-based CMS for charger operation management and Mobile Apps.

Our product range include AC and DC charging stations characterized with high stability, good performance and CE certified.These chargers generally can be installed in service/ train stations, shopping/business car parking, bus routes or depots, etc.

Types of EV Chargers:


  • AC Chargers
  • DC Chargers
  • Portable chargers
  • Wireless Chargers …coming soon.


We supply CCMS (Cloud Charging Management System) and Mobile app. The CCMS is a cloud-based service management platform that allows operators to optimize the charging experience. Operators can easily manage accessibility and remotely monitor stations, bill users easily through a single background management system, and generate a variety of valuable data on how your stations are being used.

To learn more about our iPower Series EV Chargers. please visit our website https://lnkd.in/geHuUFw
Or kindly contact shamal@ieng.tech for Indian region and suraj@iengaust.com.au for Oceania region.

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