EV Chargers

Types of EV Chargers

 Electric vehicles are becoming the future in most of the continents and so late in Australia too. Australians have been slow to welcome electric vehicles (EVs) compared to drivers in the US, Europe, and China. Carmakers often put this, in part, down to range anxiety, caused by the relatively low number of  EV Chargers and EV charging stations in our country in 2017 and before. 

DC charging

DC Charging Station

DC charging station directly outputs direct current to charge the vehicle-mounted battery.

Emergency mobile EV charger

Emergency Mobile EV charger

iPower emergency EV charging system is the perfect solution to provide DC Fast Charging

AC Charging

AC Chargers

iPower AC Chargers is building a network of low-cost and smart EV charging stations through grocery stores….etc.

Portable DC Chargers

DC charging station offers Electric Vehicle owners an opportunity to charge their car safely and quickly

Pantograph System

 Applied for setting fast charging station at beginning and terminals.

To know more about NSW Grant for slow Destination chargers 
To know more about NSW Grant for Fast Destination chargers 

For our E-mobility customers iEngineering Group is proud to provide high quality iPower series EV charging station. Our product range include AC charger and DC charging station characterized with high stability, good performance and CE certified. Our DC power supply includes 30kW, 60kW, 90kW,120kW, 150kW or 40kW, 80kW, 160kW, 180kW dc ev charging station, or higher and the charging speed is fast. Also, we can customise EV chargers up to 400kW. Our AC range includes 7kW, 22kW & 43kW.

Also, we have DC portable ev chargers of range 10kW, 20kW & 50kW DC Quick charging station offers Electric Vehicle owners an opportunity to charge their car safely and quickly. A typical electric car with a 24kWh battery pack may be charged as quickly as less than 1.5 hour to get up to 80% of its capacity.

We supply CCMS (Cloud Charging Management System) and Mobile app. The CCMS is a cloud-based service management platform that allows operators to optimize the charging experience. Operators can easily manage accessibility and remotely monitor stations, bill users easily through a single background management system, and generate a variety of valuable data on how your stations are being used.

These EV chargers we can installed in grocery stores, shopping malls, railway & service stations, council/business/public car park, bus routes or depots, cafes, restaurants, resorts, residential homes & flats and more.