Portable DC Chargers

Portable DC  Chargers :

Portable DC Chargers are 10kW, 20kW & 50kW DC Quick DC charging station offers Electric Vehicle owners an opportunity to charge their car safely and quickly. A typical electric car with 24kWh battery pack may be charged as quickly as less than 1.5 hour to get up to 80% of its capacity.

iPower DC Charger combines industry standardization with advanced charging technology to support next-generation electric vehicles. Its multi-protocol design allows for easy tailoring to support Chademo and CCS standards for DC fast charging applications.

When with all great ideas, they appear nowhere, then everywhere at the same time as people all over the world devise their own solutions to looming challenges. 

One of them is portable power banks, which can be used for emergency and/or convenience automobile charging. iPower is ideal for consumers who desire an EV but are concerned about range, as well as those who live or work in an area without allocated off-street parking with a charging station. 

It is, nevertheless, ideal for anyone looking to save money while making EV charging more convenient. Furthermore, portable charging boosts flexibility and convenience, making it easier for consumers to make the conversion to electric vehicles. The user charges it at home or at work, then transports it to their automobile in the same manner as a compact suitcase. They can charge their electric vehicle anywhere, from any parking space! Furthermore, paying for electricity from the grid to recharge the EV is less expensive than charging it at public charging stations. 

It’s small enough to fit in the trunk of a car or the trunk of some electric vehicles. It’s also light, weighing only a few pounds. It also has a retractable handle and wheels, making it simple to move from car to home and business. 

Features of DC charger :

Portable DC Chargers

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