Renewable Energy

Renewable energy as request for clean and renewable vitality is developing altogether, we work persistently to stay decisively on the cutting edge of renewable innovation. Costs of conventional vitality sources are rising, the acknowledgment of natural issues is expanding and political support is developing. You would like a accomplice to guide your organization through these changes to meet modern challenges, maximize proficiency and guarantee the development of your renewable vitality business. We have provided different types of renewable solutions including hybrid solutions to many of our clients in the Oceania region. With strong presence in this region, we have the knowledge and ability to turn your venture from potential vitality to realized income.

The iEngineering team offers a variety of services including solar/wind/hybrid plant design, engineering, and consultation. 

We are engaged in delivering Solar Energy Consultancy and are renowned as a client-centric company. 

We provide solar structure design and consultancy services as one of the leading organisations in pacific region with global footprints in Australia, fiji, india, etc. 

Our expert professionals perform this service utilising high-quality tools, the highest quality raw material for the cladding process, and cutting-edge technology. 

Our experts check all the quality aspects related with the requirement and provide the best services possible. 

We have different categories of solar panel ranges to offer longi, sofar, renewsys, etc. It is considered that the solar panel is most critical part of solar system. A good quality solar panel leads to good quality of solar system. Our expert solution provider gives exactly good quality solar panels as per the environmental and geographical conditions of your area. 

The following are the key characteristics of renewable/solar energy projects: 

iEngineering Group provide services in the following sector:
Our services for the above sector include:

Assessment of wind energy 

Our skills and experience ensure that wind turbine generators are installed in the most appropriate and efficient manner possible, as evidenced by the following specialised and advanced technical services:

Identifying windy locations: 

Hybrid Energy System Calculation: 

We at iEngineering try to give best possible solution and estimate according to the client’s requirement & location climatic conditions. With iEngineering you can be sure of renewable energy system projects.    


Along with rooftop solutions and ground mounted solutions we also provide different solar solutions like solar streetlights, solar lighting towers, solar display light structures, etc. 

Portable lighting solutions are useful for civil construction industries and contractors. 

Applications can be seen as follows: 

The world is slowly moving towards clean and green energy and contribution to the carbon free world. Make your bill zero and become a part of pollution free world. With iEngineering you will be sure about the quality and good performance of different range of products.  

Renewable Energy

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