Industrial Engineering

iEngineering Group provides automation and industrial engineering services in various Industries such as Food, Water, Steel, Utilities, Mines etc.

Industrial Engineering

Some of the Key Services are listed below:

Design/Schematics, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of:

Design and Commissioning of Industrial Process Control Systems:

We understand that most process manufacturing projects have punch list issues that must be addressed before a successful system or plant start-up can be declared.Is dedicated to thoroughly resolving all conflicts uncovered during the commissioning process if punch list issues emerge.

FAT/SAT of various PLCs, DCS, SCADA & HMI systems:

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) is used to verify the SCADA system’s hardware quality, system setup, and specification compliance before it is shipped to the solar PV project site.

In a nutshell, it guarantees that the SCADA system performs as expected and that client needs are met.

During the FAT, tests are run to ensure that the design of the entire system, including the HMI, accompanying network infrastructure, controllers, and all associated applications, has been correctly implemented.

Tuning and Optimization of energy-efficient drive systems:

We provide a thorough and cost-effective approach for minimising energy losses in an induction motor-driven system, taking into account the control system’s algorithmic simplicity.

This method is based on the search for the best magnetic flux at a given operating point, which is determined by electromagnetic torque and speed.

The proposed method has been validated through simulation. The results also demonstrate the suggested technique’s efficacy and resilience.

Industrial Network communication & Telemetry:

Industrial applications are undergoing a massive transformation as a result of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 ideas, which are imposing increasingly diversified and demanding network dynamics and needs on a larger and more fine-grained scale.

As a result, there is a growing demand for industrial networking solutions that are more adaptable and programmable, as well as robust monitoring and administration capabilities.