AC/DC HV Test Set

AC/DC HV Test Set

iEngineering proudly provides and offers services for the AC/DC HV Test set in Oceania regions.

The test set includes a working unit and an HV unit. The working unit incorporates all working and display elements and permits the HV unit to be managed from a steady distance. Depending upon the working mode, a rectifier or resistance rod is used within the HV unit. The polarity of the test DC voltage will be reversed via rotating the rectifier rod within the HV unit. All devices are resistant to short-circuit and consist of a current-compensated voltage measuring function. A discharge and earth rod suitable for the device in query is provided for the discharging of capacitive test gadgets in DC voltage mode.

AC/DC HV Test Set Cable testing and diagnostics

There are rarely some other longer-lasting, extra sturdy and cost-effective testing gadgets than the two-piece high-voltage test gadgets from our series. They generate non-stop adjustable test voltages with mains frequency or optionally DC with positive or negative polarity. The display gadgets for current and voltage, the protection control unit and the regulating transformer for the voltage are incorporated inside operating unit.

Testing of medium- and high-voltage cables

AC/DC HV Test Set Functions