HV Panels

RMU Panel :

RMU Panel

HV Panel  the RMU cabinet, also known as a medium voltage cabinet, is a piece of integrated electrical equipment that connects, measures, and integrates fixed type breakers with transformer protection.

RMU cabinets are compact, extremely dependable, safe, simple to maintain, replace, and extend. The RMU is available in a variety of voltages that are suited for both indoor and outdoor installations, depending on your needs. 

RMU cabinets are an innovative solution that easily solves many powers distribution challenges. RMU is an all-in-one solution because it is a secure substation, easy to install and free to maintain, and helps utilities improve network reliability and uptime and reduce operating costs. 

It includes Load break switch, circuit breaker, fault passage indicators, Power supply unit, Potential Transformers, Current Transformers and HRC fuses, Solid-insulated busbars. 

We are a supplier of fully assembled, enclosed Ring Main Units for MV/HV power distribution with a wide voltage range. 

The voltage range may be considered as between 7200v – 36000v. We have experience in providing export quality RMU in pacific region. It comes in two different varieties indoor and outdoor type. We also provide associated cables, termination kits along with RMU for your project. 

Advantages of using RING MAIN UNIT are as follows:

HV Panels VCB:

HV Panels VCB

VCB panel is also used for protection in secondary side of the electrical system. It is installed in between feeder and transformer to provide protection to your transformer. The only thing is that it has only one incomer and one outgoing as compared to RMU.  

Our High Voltage panels are highly appreciated by our clients due to its reliability and high efficiency, easy installation, and longer life along with low maintenance features

We offer these VCB Panels with different specifications and varieties, this provides more protection for any Electricity system in Medium as well as High Voltage Circuits. 

It also comes in indoor and outdoor type with maximum voltage up to 36000v. 

Benefits of VCB Panel:

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