Earthing Design, Lightning Protection and EMFI Analysis

Earthing Analysis iEngineering Group is the authorized distributor of Grounding System Analysis (GSA)

  iEngineering Group is the authorized distributor XGSLAB includes Grounding System Analysis (GSA), Grounding System Analysis in the Frequency Domain (GSA-FD), Over and Underground System Analysis in the Frequency Domain (XGSA-FD), Over and Underground System Analysis ithe Time Domain (XGSA-TD), Network Solver (NETS) and Lightning Shielding (SHIELD).  

Our Services includes

Earthing Analysis we offer an engineering consultant service using XGSLAB.

The Design team at iEngineering group offers reliable services together with 30+ years designing experience. 

As an experienced Engineering design team iEngineering Group is proud to provide services to our client all over the world. We have done a wide range of studies and consultancies all over the world. iEngineering has developed a team of highly skilled Engineers. Our team has ability to manage your project from Site Visit, Design and Reports. The designs are based on IEEE 80-2013, IEC/TS 60479 -1:2018, EN 50522:2010, AS/NZS 4853:2012 standards and any other local standard as per the requirement.  

All the studies will be done in very powerful tool called XGSLab. XGSLab is one of the most powerful software of electromagnetic simulation for power, grounding and lightning protection systems and the only software on the market that takes into account IEC, EN and IEEE Standards in grounding system analysis.  

We have done a wide range of studies and consultancies all over the world. We can support you in your projects when they require special calculation consulting in the following fields:

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