An earthing system or grounding system connects specific parts of an electric power system with the ground, typically the Earth’s conductive surface, for safety and functional purposes. The choice of  system can affect the safety and electromagnetic compatibility of the installation. 

Types Of Earthing

GI Earthing Electrode

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of GI  Electrodes, GI Pipe , GI Pipe in Pipe Electrode, and GI , and we customize these products to meet the needs of our customers.

The supplied electrode is widely used in telecommunication towers, microwave antennas, residential areas, and industrial areas to protect people from electrocution. Transmission and distribution systems, substations, and power plants all utilize our products.

Technically, GI chemical earthing electrodes are the best option for practically all forms of earthing. GI  Rod, GI  Electrode, GI Chemical  Rod, and GI Pipe  Electrode are some of the more prevalent names on the market.

The GI  Electrode is part of the chemical system, and the installation is simple and straightforward. We also deal in Copper  Electrode 

GI Electrode Features

GI Electrode Benefits

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