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Smart water meter-Water management solution

Water Metering iEngineering has successfully developed intelligent electronic water meters with remotely controlled meter reading interfaces all of which have been applied in metering management and real-time monitoring system for tap water, clean water, and wastewater such as in water treatment plants, Factories, buildings, households, and apartments.  Smart water network management system combining Class C […]
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How to choose the right batteries?

Battery In this blog you will know about: How to choose the right batteries?  What are the different types of batteries?  What are the factors to be considered while selecting the correct battery?  Batteries are like portable storehouses of energy. As we all know, how a battery works. The battery is useful to power up […]
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What is Power Cable? Benefits and drawbacks

What is Power Cable? Benefits and drawbacks The cables used for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy cables are called electrical power cables. It is used for the transmission of extra high voltages in a place. The power cable consists of two or more electrical conductors combined with an over sheath. Underground cables are […]
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Why do we need Variable Speed Drives?

VSD – Variable Speed Drives Electric motors are crucial to the operations and activities of our daily lives. They require the corresponding quantity of electric energy in order to perform their function of generating power and velocity, if the power or velocity is too high or low technical control will be used to slow down […]
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EPC Solutions in focus & Data Consolidation with Simulations

    Are you an #EPC Company? “EPC Solutions in focus & Data Consolidation with Simulations” Engineering Base (EB) will be showcasing new solutions that primarily target the engineering challenges faced by EPCs in process plant engineering. To this end, the software provider has expanded its EB cooperation platform with automatically generated cross-discipline datasheets that significantly improve […]
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Engineering Base

    Engineering Base Dear Engineers How much time do you spent to complete a large & complex project? How can you make your design fast & error free whilst minimising risk of increased construction/maintenance cost? Are you using various software and would like to connect to a data repository as single source of truth […]
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