EV Training Bench

“Revolutionize Electric Vehicle Education with Our Cutting-Edge Training Bench“

We are pleased to inform you that iEngineering Group can supply electric vehicle & charger training kits to your university. Our EV education kit includes the fundamental parts and building instructions that a student needs to create simple EV Projects. These kits can then be put together into various configurations to help students or staff to understand EV Technology.

Currently, these kits are used by many Universities & Tafes that are conducting EV training. We recommend that your university should also look into these concepts and improve student learning due to the growing demand for EV & ZEB.

Electric Vehicle Training Bench

Electric Vehicle Training Bench

BYD Qin EV Power Battery Training Platform

BYD Qin EV Motor Drive Training Platform

BYD Qin EV Steering System Training Platform

BYD Qin EV Air Conditioning System Training Platform

BYD Qin EV Electrical Appliance Training Platform

Air Conditioning System Training Platform

Battery Management System Training Platform

Control System Training Platform

Drive System Training Platform

Steering System Training Platform

Vehicle Anatomy System Training Platform

“Elevate Agricultural Education with Our Tractor Hydraulic System Training Bench”

Tractor Hydraulic System Training Bench:

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