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Different Brands of Distributed Control Systems(DCS)



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SIMATIC PCS 7 is more than only a DCS; offers you a flexible option for modernising your existing systems, even during runtime. Our innovative process control system SIMATIC PCS 7 consist of a unique, scalable architecture with high performance engineering tools and comprehensive added functions such as Alarm Management, Process Safety or Asset Management, so that you can use your plant more efficiently. It can enhance the availability, reduce the overall cost, and increase the efficiency.

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A distributed control system (DCS) is a specially designed automated control system that consists of geographically distributed control elements over the plant or control area.

It differs from the centralized control system wherein a single controller at central location handles the control function, but in DCS each process element or machine or group of machines is controlled by a dedicated controller.DCS consists of a large number of local controllers in various sections of plant control area and are connected via a high-speed communication network.

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