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ACCREDITED SERVICE PROVIDERS’ RULES AND HISTORY:  The NSW’s contestable works scheme allows customers to choose which ASP connects them to the electricity supply. This competitive marketplace reduces costs and delays for NSW consumers connected to the power grid.   The ASP scheme is governed by the Electricity Supply (General) Regulation 2001 and establishes a competitive framework […]
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Smart water meter-Water management solution

Water Metering iEngineering has successfully developed intelligent electronic water meters with remotely controlled meter reading interfaces all of which have been applied in metering management and real-time monitoring system for tap water, clean water, and wastewater such as in water treatment plants, Factories, buildings, households, and apartments.  Smart water network management system combining Class C […]
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How to choose the right batteries?

Battery In this blog you will know about: How to choose the right batteries?  What are the different types of batteries?  What are the factors to be considered while selecting the correct battery?  Batteries are like portable storehouses of energy. As we all know, how a battery works. The battery is useful to power up […]
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Types of Power Quality Events 

Power Quality Solution Introduction:  Power systems have become polluted with unwanted variations in the voltage and current signal due to the use of nonlinear loads and sensitive electronic equipment. The demand for high-quality power is ever-increasing due to the deregulation of the power industry. Continuous monitoring is required because of the increasing demand for clean […]
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Junction Box and their types

Junction Boxes An enclosure housing electrical connections are referred to as an electrical junction box. Junction boxes protect the electrical connections from the elements and prevent unintentional electric shocks from passing to people. An electrical conduit may include a small metal or plastic junction box. An electrical enclosure that contains one or more wiring connections […]
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Optical Fiber types and features

Optical Fiber Cables The technique that sends information as light pulses via a glass or plastic fiber is known as fiber optics, often known as optical fiber. Additionally, it is frequently utilised in telecommunications services like the internet, television, and telephones. For long-distance and high-performance data networking, fiber optics are utilized. In order to give […]
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