Thermal Imager/Infrared Camera

iEngineering Can Supply and Services Thermal Image/Infrared Cameras Offered in The Oceania Region Customer.

By Identifying Hot Spots, Cold Areas, And Apparent Surface Temperature Differentials with A Higher Degree of Confidence, These Technologies Make It Easier for Technicians, Engineers, And Electricians to Get to The Root Cause Faster.

Inspect a couple of complicated objectives or objectives from various distances. Capture a clear, accurate photograph-focused during the field of view with Multi-Sharp Focus. The camera automatically deals with a stack of photographs focused near and far with our Thermal imagers and Infrared cameras.

Thermal imager
thermal imager/infrared camera 60HZ

Thermal Imager / Infrared Camera 60 Hz

Thermal Imager/Infrared Camera Features

Focused–Every object. Near and far. Multi-Sharp Focus

Multi-sharp focus

Manual focus


Multi-sharp focus

Multi-Sharp Focus



package for thermal imager