Smart Water Management Solution

Smart IOT Water Metering

The Smart Water Metering solution enables you to better analyse and manage your water usage. Because smart metres use wireless technology, readings can be taken remotely. Meters provide frequent and accurate data 24/7…  

Smart water metering allows utilities to collect consumption data automatically, eliminate manual metre reading, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. The consumption data is uploaded to the processing server via the transmitter linked to the water metre for analysis, billing, and other procedures. 

Water metres offer the ability to conserve water by detecting leaks early and identifying patterns in water usage. There are different types of Water metering products for various applications.

WT Series (Hybrid Digital Woltmann Water Meter) , TH Series (Hybrid Digital Multi-Jet Water Meter)

We provide complete solutions for managers to monitor the data of change in water quality, water amount, and water pressure.

To optimise the value of water, develop smart water technology. Provide comprehensive smart water management solutions to clients. The Smart Water Meter product line will assist clients in establishing IoT networks, resulting in a significant increase in water management efficiency. 

water meters in the global market to provide satisfying water management solutions for water utilities, construction and infrastructure, and smart buildings. From smart water meters and IoT communication devices to App. 

WT Series (Hybrid Digital Woltmann Water Meter)

TH Series (Hybrid Digital Multi-Jet Water Meter)

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