Steel Mill

iEngineering is capable of supplying different types of steel mill. Below are some examples of steel mills we are able to supply.

1. Cold Billet Shearing Machine

Cold billet shearing Mill

We are able to supply various Cold Billet Shearing Machine. All we need cutting capacity, body material, crank, slide, bearing, gears, flywheel, pulley, bush, blade numbers and ratings.

2. Rolling Mill

Rolling Mill

Rolling is a metal forming process in which metal stock is passed through one or more pairs of rolls to reduce the thickness and to make the thickness uniform. Most steel mills have rolling mill divisions that convert the semi-finished casting products into finished products

Three High Rolling Mill

Rolling mill consisting of three rolls is typically used for performing multiple reduction passes by wrapping material around the center mill roll and performing another reduction on the opposite mill roll pair.

Three High mills can also be used with varying mill roll sizes to induce a specific percentage of reduction of material on a single side of the work piece. This can beneficial for cladded materials or for conditioning a single side of strip.

We are able to supply roughing mill, intermediate mill, finishing mill and three high rolling mills as per the customer requirement.

Three High rolling Mill

3. Hot and Cold Shear Machine

  • Flying Shear Machine/Hot Cutting Shear Machine
Flying Shear Machine

The Flying Shear Machine is used for cutting metal rebar that come from the rolling mill at full speed in various custom lengths. sections.

  • Customer Cut length Shearing machine

End cutting shearing machine incorporate latest technology for increased productivity. These machines are used in hot steel rolling mill plants for cutting of end of the angle. The processed curving edge can be trimmed by the square roller from the top and bottom at the same line, the straight line can also be trimmed by the linear gauge from the top and bottom at the same time with fine brightness and smoothness. End cutting shearing machines are installed near the roughing stand and can be used on finishing stand.

4. Bending and Cutting Machine

We are able to supply bar bending and cutting machines as per customer requirement. Below are some Bar Bending and Cutting Machines we are capable of supplying

Customer Cutlength Shearing Machine
  • Bar Bending Machine
  1. Model- CTI/BBM-32
  2. Bend Capacity- 6 to 32 mm
  3. Power rating- 5 HP 3phase Electric
  4. Heavy reduction gear box
  5. Auto controlling
  6. Bend in all shapes required in construction work
Bar Bending Machine
  • Bar Cutting Machine
  1. Model: CTI/BCM-M32
  2. Cutting Diameter: 6 – 32mm
  3. Type Electric Motor: III phase
  4. Power of Motor: 3 kw.
  5. RPM: – 2880
Bar Cutting Machine