Pantograph System

Pantograph System

Electric buses can also be fitted with a “rapid” pantograph charging system, which allows the batteries to be recharged both on the road (at stops) and at the depot. This system can be implemented in two ways: the pantograph can be mounted on the bus’s roof or on the charging mast itself (the so-called inverted pantograph). The infrastructure typically dictates the pantograph type chosen — if a city already has a charger with a pantograph, the carrier is more likely to choose the “inverted” option, in which just charging rails are fitted on the vehicle. 

Pantograph chargers are street-side charging stations with an overhead framework that hangs above the street. When the bus arrives at the charging station, contacts on a pantograph are lowered from the overhead charger and connected to rails on the bus’s forward roof. 

iEngineering Group can provide higher range DC charger i.e. Electric bus Auto Charging Solution to our customers. This DC charger  iPower series combines charger mainframe and pantograph together, looks more elegant, this charging system with three function module, connector charging, pantograph charging and back to grid DC to AC. Applied for setting fast charging station at beginning and terminals. These type of chargers we can customize up to 400kW.

Pantograph System

Product Features

Because of the rising demand for electric vehicles, the pantograph charging system market is expected to increase significantly. Due to the lower cost of batteries, there has been a spike in the use of electric bus charging systems. Growing attempts to minimise greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, as well as favourable government laws, have accelerated its adoption around the world. 

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