Thermal Equipments

Thermal Equipments: Heating Elements

Thermal Equipment : A heating element is a material or device that directly converts electrical energy into heat or thermal energy through a principle known as Joule heating.  

The heat can be transferred in three ways i.e. Conduction, convection, and radiation. 

These heating elements are used in enclosures switchboards where damage from condensation must be prevented,  

Features :

Types of Heating Element for Thermal Equipments

Space Heaters

space heater

Space heaters are used inside the electrical and mechanical equipment enclosures to maintain the temperature and minimize moisture. It is a very small and portable heating device. 

Uses : When there is an inadequate in the main heating system in a building at that time it was useful.

Tubular Heaters

Tubular heaters are mostly used in industrial heating. They are used for heating liquid, solids, and gases through three types heating conduction, convection, and radiation. Tubular heaters are used for multipurpose heating application

thermal equipments -Tunular-heater

AHU Heaters

thermal equipments - AHU-HEATER

AHU heaters have to be customized as per the requirement as it is used for domestic applications. It is used in air handling units either primary or secondary sources of heating. It manages proper internal as well outside air ventilation and filtration of the air. 

High Density Cartridge Heaters

These Heaters are used for process Industries like Food, Plastic, Packing, Pharmaceutical, Dies and molds, heating gases and liquid, shoe machinery and labeling machinery, etc. 

thermal equipments catriage-heater

Thermocouples / RTD

thermal equipments Thermocouple

For temperature sensing from -200Deg to +2200Deg C, this RTD is used For Industrial applications. Thermocouples are mostly used for hospital thermometers. Also used in the manufacturing of steel and measuring the steel temperature in order to determine the carbon content in it. 

Process Immersion Heaters

thermal equipments - Process-imertion-heater

This heater is used for Oil, Water, and Gas Heating. Maintenance is low, installation is easy, the operation is cost-effective and control temperature is sustained. 

Bolt Heaters

The bolt heater works on an induction coil and is inserted into the bolt. Rapidly precise heat is controlled and directly induced in the bolt. The heat expands the bolt as per the pre-decided length, making it easy to remove the nut. Used in Power generation plants for Turbine maintenance. 

bolt heater

Applications of Thermal Equipments:

Heating Elements/ Temperature control Equipment

Environmental/Climatic Chamber

Industrial Furnace

Industrial Ovens Available Types:

The different types of industrial ovens are available according to customer needs.


We have various types of thermocouples with special types of sheathing such as SS304, SS310 Cr/Al, Pt/Pt/Rh (10% or 30%), Fe/Const Cr/Const and Cc/Const

Thermal Equipment

Hot Air Generator

Hot air generators are equipment intended for heating any type of premises where a fast and efficient heating system is required.

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