Transfomers: From power transformer and distribution transformer including the unique transformer to switchgear, associated electrical equipment, we are providing expertly engineered power distribution solutions for organisations across a wide range of sectors. Our product offering is backed by a personal and professional service alongside industry leading guarantees for your complete peace of mind.

Power Transformers

We provide Power transformers range starting from 25 KVA to 200 MVA. 

Power transformers are utilized in high voltage power grids to increase or decrease the voltage. 

Power transformers differs from rest of transformer types because they are in such a way that they comply all regulatory requirements of working at mains voltages and higher currents.

Power Transformer

Distribution Transformers

Distribution transformers from 25kVA to 5000kVA and up to 33kV.  

Our transformers are designed to meet the high demands of modern distribution networks.

Transformers are manufactured according to customer’s requirements, needs and application.

Distribution transformer

Unit Sub-Station

The substation is compact in size, suitable for frequent shifting and for use in outdoor locations. The substation is installed and mounted on skid frame or wheels or channels and is provided with lifting hooks. The Unitized Sub-Station comprises of the following main components – Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panel in Outdoor Enclosure complete with CT, PT, Relay & Instrument Chamber.

Compact Sub-Station

Various modules of Indoor/Outdoor type Compact Sub-Stations with HT/LT switchgears are available.  The Compact Sub-Station (CSS) is also known as Packaged Sub-Station (PSS). The Compact Sub-Station is a compact arrangement, which replaces conventional sub-station arrangement consisting of Pole Structure / Platform, Lightening Arresters, Load Break Switch / Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Transformer, Distribution Panel, etc.  CSS is designed, keeping in mind the personal safety & aesthetics, considering HT equipment is located in high density urban places. 

It is a pre-fabricated secondary sub-station consisting of three compartments (i.e.) HV Compartment, which houses Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) or Load Break Switch (LBS), Transformer Compartment, which houses dry type /oil cooled transformer & LV Compartment, which houses ACB, MCCB, SFU, etc., as per client’s requirement. 

All components are housed in an enclosure, which protects the equipment against environmental hazards & unauthorized access. The electrical equipments are cooled by natural / forced ventilationC

Dry Type Transformers

This is available upto 36KV voltage class &upto 5MVA rating. Dry type transformers are widely used in commercial & residential complexes, windmill nacelles etc.

Application-Shopping Complexes, Housing Complexes, Windmill Nacelles, etc.

Anywhere that safe and dependable power are important

dry type transformer

Special Transformers

We are providing special transformers for Heavy Industries, captive Power Plant Projects, Hydro Power Projects, Wind Mill & Solar Farms etc. 

This range comprises of SCOTT-T connected transformers, Converter duty transformers for the applications like industrial furnace, DC ARC furnace, Copper Refining, Aluminium Electrolysis, Graphitizing Furnaces, DC Traction Sub-Stations, Variable Speed Drives (VSD).

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