A boiler is a closed vessel in which water is heated to produce steam or hot water. The steam or hot water is then used for a variety of purposes, including heating buildings, generating electricity, and sterilizing equipment. 

Boilers convert water into steam or hot water, which can be used for a variety of purposes, including heating, steam production, and power generation. They are available in a range of designs to meet the specific needs of different industries. 

Industrial Boilers

Advantages of boiler:

✓ Reliable and efficient:

Boilers are designed to operate for extended periods without breakdowns, ensuring a consistent supply of thermal energy. They are also highly efficient, using fuel resources effectively.

✓ Versatility:

Boilers come in a variety of configurations to suit different industrial applications. They are available as fire-tube, water-tube, and electric boilers, catering to diverse fuel sources and operational requirements.

✓ Control:

Boilers provide precise control over steam temperature and pressure, ensuring optimal performance in various industrial processes. This is essential for applications like sterilization, power generation, and heating systems.

Their reliable performance, versatility, and control capabilities make them a valuable asset in today’s industrial landscape.

Classification of Boiler :

» According to relative passage of water and hot gases :-
  • Water-tube boiler: A boiler in which the water flows through the tubes that are surrounded by hot combustion gases.
  • Fire-tube boiler: A boiler in which the hot combustion gases are surrounded by the water.
» According to water circulation arrangement :-
  • Natural Circulation: The circulation happens due to the difference in density.
  • Forced Circulation: The circulation happens by pumping the water inside the boiler.
» According to the use :-
  • Stationary boiler: These boilers are used for power plants. 
  • Portable boiler: These are movable and used temporarily on site. 
  • Locomotive: These are used in railway Engine. 
  • Marine boiler: These are used in ships.
» According to the position of boiler :-
  • Horizontal
  • Inclined
» According to the pressure generated by steam :-
  • Low-pressure boiler: The maximum pressure is 15-20 bar. It is used for heating purpose.
  • Medium-pressure boiler: The maximum pressure is 20-80 bars. It is used for power generations.
  • High-pressure boiler: The maximum pressure is more than 80 bars.
  • Sub critical boiler: If the boiler produces steam at a pressure that is less than the critical pressure it is known as sub critical.
  • Super critical boiler: These boilers are used to produce steam at a pressure which is greater than the critical pressure.
» According to charge in the furnance :-
  • Supercharged fuel
  • Pulvarised fuel

Application of Boiler:

  •  Food processing industries 
  • Chemical industriea 
  • Refineries and distilleries 
  • Thermal Power plant 
  • Sugar plants 
  • Textile industries 
  • Health care industries 
  • Paper industries 
  • FMCG(Fast moving consumer goods)