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What Is The Solution For Grounding Studies Emfi Calculations And Lightning Protection Analysis?

INTRODUCTION:  XGSLab software was first developed in 1990, and the first module became accessible in 2005. Since then, XGSLab has seen constant improvement in all areas, including performance, usability, and 2D/3D graphics output. FOR POWER, GROUNDING, AND LIGHTNING PROTECTION SYSTEMS: ELECTROMAGNETIC SIMULATION One of the most potent electromagnetic simulation programmes available is called XGSLab (or […]
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How can we do 3d & 2d substation designs with Autocad?

Yes, now it is possible to design substation design with AutoCAD.  INTRODUCTION  In Electrical power era substations are mandatory because it is the most important electrical infrastructure. Electrical substations are responsible for ensuring the delivery of continuous electricity to the customers. So, basically first we designed the system by using substation design software. Physically it […]
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power system analysis


Solution-Neplan Power system Analysis Software    INTRODUCTION:  Since NEPLAN Software-360 is the first entirely browser-based solution available, it delivers all the benefits of cloud computing.  The software can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the Internet and does not need to be installed on any desktop or notebook. As a result, consumers now […]
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Introduction:  Neara Software is the Solution for power line design & analysis.  Our product, which was first introduced in 2016 under the name Power Lines Pro, provides a genuine digital twin by automatically and at a network-wide scale completing complex engineering-grade analyses.  A wide range of asset management use cases are being addressed by our […]
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XGSLab Software for GIS projects

Do you want to get Transient Response of Gas-Insulated Substation (GIS) during Fault Events ?   An accurate assessment of the GIS holistic transient response through an electromagnetic field theory (EMF) approach. This modelling technique has always been a difficult task when it came to gas-insulated substations. However, recent studies have shown that through suitable […]
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  We understand business is slow these days due to covid19, however “Engineering Must Go On”. For Electrical, Power, Oil/Gas, Mine & Rail industries, we have a very cost-effective and reliable solution for your Engineering & Design. The XGSLab considered benchmark for others also one of the best Earthing, Lightning & EMFI Design Software in […]
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