Technical asset management and CMMS solution for real estate:

What Is a CMMS?

A CMMS is part of the information, management and control system for the maintenance function, whose purpose is to maintain facilities and buildings in working order so that they are capable at all times  of meeting their design specifications in an efficient and economical manner. The computerised management tool is thus an aid to tracking, archiving, analysing, and decision-making.

CMMS can therefore be a decision-making tool that helps to:

  • Control costs for the facilities to be maintained
  • Ensure the long-term durability of assets
  • Optimise technical and human maintenance resources
  • Manage the preparation of servicing operations, their scheduling and costs
  • Optimise management of the stock of spare parts in order to reduce the value of this stock whilst maintaining satisfactory availability of facilities
  • Perform an inventory of technical facilities and create documentation for them
  • Increase the reliability of facilities by analysing formalised collected feedback, by deciding on and presenting reasoned plans of action.

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