All overhead power transmission lines require an Air Break Switch, which is primarily used to connect or disconnect (on/off switching) the power system of a specific section of overhead line and transformer from the main distribution line. This enables the user to isolate a section of the overhead wire without disrupting the remaining power transmission system. 

Air Break Switch Disconnectors are a crucial part of any overhead line network, offering important factors of isolation. Most overhead line networks are designed such that after a fault takes place or protection desires to be performed it’s far notably simple, by a scientific collection of switching operations, to isolate a sure segment of the overhead line. When this switching procedure is performed it’s far definitely vital that shows the Air Break Switch Disconnector is dependable and effective. 

The triple pole air wreck transfer is gang operated and designed for outside application. The transfer is meant for switching of the Transformer, Overhead lines, and Cables from the distribution system. 

Types of AB Switch Air destroy switches may be of types of Single Pole Air Break Switch The Gang Operated Air Break Switch .  It may be operated manually the usage of both a handle/ratchet mechanism or an insulated ‘hook stick’ made both of wooden or fiberglass.

Air destroy switches are designed for switching below load, however there is usually a substantive arc related to switching. Air Break Switches are set up in both horizontal or vertical (Pole Top or Mid Pole) configurations.

Air destroy switches may be located both in substations or out at the distribution system – both pole pinnacle or in pad-set up steel enclosures. 

The application of air break switch is outdoor and mainly used as a disconnection/ connecting component. It comes in two different mounting type vertical and horizontal. The different voltage ratings are from 12 KV to 36KV with current ratings up to 1250 A.

Types of material used in manufacturing of AB switches are ceramic, polymeric, porcelain & cycloaliphatic.   

Benefits of using Air Break Switches: