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iEngineering has successfully developed intelligent electronic water meters with remotely controlled meter reading interfaces all of which have been applied in metering management and real-time monitoring system for tap water, clean water, and wastewater such as in water treatment plants, Factories, buildings, households, and apartments. 

Smart water network management system combining Class C Intelligent electronic water meter with a wireless remote reading interface to connect PC/PLC monitoring system and providing customized analysing software.  

What is the difference between electronic and Mechanical water meter 

The general mechanical water meter doesn’t have other functions except measuring total water consumption but our electronic water meter has a lot of functions. 

For example, it can prevent water theft and it can self-diagnosing. when the water meter is not accurate it will send all kinds of alarming messages to the maintenance worker for the general public. The most important issue is that the electronic water meter can detect pipe leakage, but the mechanical water meter cannot. 

Household water supply has two options, one is called indirect water supply which transports water into the water tower, and the other is called direct water supply which doesn’t transport water into the water tower Either way if your family uses indirect water supply when the water tower has been filled with water theoretically speaking the water meter will not operate again if your family uses direct water supply when nobody is at home or when everyone is sleeping at night the water meter should not operate, at this moment our electronic water meter will detect if the leakage of the pipe occurs. If the water meter operates for 24 hours and we will observe the working hours of the water meter to see if the leakage occurs or not. 

Living in the age of energy saving and carbon reduction it’s better to detect pipe leakage for the public rather than to encourage the public to use less water. 

The class c electronic water meter has leakage alarming symbols to remind people of the possible pipe leakage. 

For more details, kindly visit this page https://ieng.tech/smart-water-management-solution/  

iEngineering is dedicated to assure the satisfaction of the clients, not only in product design and manufacture but also in total solutions for water management. We are eager to understand the clients’ requests thoroughly, so as to provide optimal technical support for long-term relationships. 

We have appreciated the long-term support and love from the clients, which keep us moving forward continuously. 

For more details or enquiries kindly reach us at anandhi@iengaust.com.au  or  ferdina@iengaust.com.au

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