Neara Software is the Solution for power line design & analysis. 

Our product, which was first introduced in 2016 under the name Power Lines Pro, provides a genuine digital twin by automatically and at a network-wide scale completing complex engineering-grade analyses. 

A wide range of asset management use cases are being addressed by our platform. Across the networks of our customers, Neara has produced considerable cost reductions, efficiency gains, safety enhancements, and risk mitigation. 

The goal of Neara is to empower businesses by utilizing intelligent software solutions to bring them closer to their resources, surroundings, and operations. 

In the Indian market, iEngineering is a recognized distributor for Neara Software. 

Why Neara? 

  • Wide breadth of functionality 
  • High-fidelity engineering-grade 3D model 
  • Secure unified platform 
  • Easy to get started
  • Transmission and distribution capability 
  • Underground design 
  • Extremely cost-effective solution 

What is NEARA? 

Enables energy companies to quickly and inexpensively produce cloud-based 3D digital models of their entire network using data from their current business, including GIS, DXF, LiDAR, and more. 

3D models are completely adaptable, editable, and able to change along with the real asset thanks to clever physics and engineering algorithms. 

The platform is equipped to handle difficult calculations like finite element analysis. These calculations, which take into consideration factors like terrain, wind, and temperature, can be used to carry out a wide range of design and asset management use cases. Teams can use this to examine network modifications or changes before working on the physical asset.


How do we do it? 

  •  To identify structures, boundaries, and points of interest, we use GIS data. 
  • And Lidar data – to build an accurate 3D representation of reality. 
  • To inform you of the size and physical characteristics of the network components in the digital twin, it then incorporates technical attributes such as CAD drawings, design requirements, and material information. 

Neara- Power Line Design & Analysis: 

What makes us unique is that we use a utility’s own data to create a new lens for more quickly and effectively tackling difficult problems. 



Neara design at various steps: 

A network engineering and design tool that is cloud-based. Increase the precision, speed, and efficiency of the design process. You can easily conduct complex computations using intuitive tools and a minimum amount of product training. Using real-time feedback as you work, you may quickly validate your whole design, ensuring consistent regulatory compliance and clearance requirements. 


Neara Designer Intuitive interface and design tools 

  • Use Neara Designer’s to reduce design and revision  
  • advanced cloud-based collaboration, 3D visualisation, and import/export capabilities. 
  • FEA, conductor sway simulations, route optimization, tip load calculations, and other tools are available for design modelling and analysis. 


Neara Design Full Customisation 

  •  Configure your workspace, asset libraries, and export formats to adhere to any legal or design-related restrictions. Track clearance, capacity, tensioning, and other design criteria as you construct with customised live reports. 


Neara Design Real-time Calculations 

Make sophisticated calculations with simple tools and minimal product training. You may rapidly validate your whole design to ensure consistent regulation compliance and clearance requirements with real-time feedback as you work. 


Cloud-based Collabration 

Because Neara is cloud-based, it can be used on any computer, anywhere, to give the same design and analytic capabilities. Design, report, and dashboard collaboration between teams is effortless. 

Advantages for NEARA Users 

The following are some benefits that NEARA users have reported: 

  • Rapid network risk identification: It is feasible to identify risks (such as conductor clashing) 10x faster across the entire network. 
  • More economical risk identification: 5 times less money spent on risk identification when compared to manual inspection techniques. 
  • Improved Transparency into how Investments Affect Operations: Neara offers a precise and dynamic visual representation of a utility’s network, complete with information on asset condition, location, and investment commitments, all inside a single integrated platform.

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