EV Charging Kit

EV Kit

What is EV Charging Education Kit? 

Education is an integral part of the society. Everyone must get an education and teaching students is not an easy profession and even to get knowledge is not easy as it sounds. So, teaching aids are necessary today. It promotes students to learn and engage them in learning in various engaging ways. The meaning of teaching aids is a tool that helps to understand both are them. 


These teaching tools facilitate learning more quickly, improve student-teacher contact, encourage active participation, etc. The value of teaching aids cannot be overstated because they help teachers and students learn more effectively by combining textual lessons with visuals, audio, and video content. When taught through visuals, students frequently pick up new information quickly. 


Our EV #education kit includes the fundamental parts and building instructions that a #student needs to create simple EV Projects. These kits can then be put together into various configurations to help students or staff to understand EV Technology. 


Currently, these kits are used by many institutes that are conducting EV training. It can also be used in #universities and #tafe to teach students the concepts and improve their learning due to the growing demand of EV & ZEB in #Oceania 


Below are different types of EV Training Equipment generally required by our clients 

EV Training Bench with AC & DC Charger


AC & DC Charging Pile Training Bench & Electric Vehicle Training Lab


EV Kit
Whole Car Anatomical Display System


Chassis System Training Platform


Whole Car Electrical System Training Board


Thermal Management System Training Board


Drive Motor Training Platform


Power Battery Training Platform


Whole Car Electrical System Training Platform


Air-conditioning System Training Platform

Power-Assisted Steering System Training Platform

Please get in touch with iEngineering Group if you want help implementing your plan to use these EV charging kits to teach your students. We will support you along the way. We can supply automobile teaching equipment. We have all the equipment related to automobiles. What kind of teaching aids do you need  

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