Covid19 – A Containerized Solution

A quick & dynamic solution that converts a shipping container into changing rooms, isolation wards for direct, quick and clean access to hospital worker and in terms helps in treatments of patients at any remote locations by equipping with all necessary arrangements that could help minimise the global pandemic out-break and spread.

This transportable 40 ft container can be mainly earmarked into:

  1. Isolation wards (or ICU’s) for patients.
  2. Mobile laboratories for performing tests.
  3. Changing rooms for Hospital workers.

& many other purposes as it’s assembly can be modified as per need and application of treatment.

As this global pandemic COVID-19 has caused serious problems on entire world, there is an emerging need to protect our hospital staff with this simple, fast and cost-effective solutions which can help stop spread of Covid19 from hospital to their friends and families at home.

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