Automated Utility Design (AUD)

Automated Utility Design (AUD) combines design and documentation with rules-driven workflows and analysis for utility and telecommunications distribution design, all based on the power of AutoCAD. Improve design accuracy, analyze and optimize network designs for greater performance and reliability, and deliver more consistent and coordinated documentation; all integrated with the utility enterprise.

AUD provides the purpose-built tools necessary to perform designs for electric, gas, water and communications organizations.

Integrated Business Workflows: AUD and SBS Utility DataHub work together to integrate utility workflows. Users of AUD can work within the AUD application while seamlessly accessing information from their common business systems including GIS, Work management, Cost estimating, Materials management system, Finance, Engineering analysis, Mobile solutions.

Some advantages of using AUD:

  • AUD designs are more efficient: AUD users commonly experience 50% or more improvement in overall design workflows.
  • AUD designs are more accurate: More accurate designs ensure better, safer construction.
  • AUD supports business governance: AUD ensures utility business processes are properly enforced while generating the necessary record documents to manage business demands for governance.

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