The NSW’s contestable works scheme allows customers to choose which ASP connects them to the electricity supply. This competitive marketplace reduces costs and delays for NSW consumers connected to the power grid.  

The ASP scheme is governed by the Electricity Supply (General) Regulation 2001 and establishes a competitive framework for the provision of connection works. There are 3 degrees of accreditation for the overall performance of contestable connection offerings in New South Wales:  

  • Level 1 (ASP/1) work involves the construction of distribution and transmission networks such as the installation of power distribution cables, conductors, poles, and substations. The infrastructure might be installed within a development or on public roads to connect the development to the DNSP.
  • Level 2 (ASP/2) work involves the installation of service mains and metering equipment, the disconnection, and the reconnection of electricity to enable work to be carried out on an electrical installation and electrifying installations. Connections for residential houses and small commercial premises are generally constructed by an ASP/2.
  • Level 3 (ASP/3) All design work is carried out by ASPL3 This includes the design of new or existing overhead and underground transmission and distribution networks. After the design is certified by DNSP an ASP/1 would construct the new infrastructure

Fig 01 


  • Asset Connection 
  • Asset Relocation 
  • Subdivision 
  • Underground Residential Distribution Design
  • Underground Commercial and Industrial Distribution Design 
  • Overhead Line Design 
  • Substation Design 
  • Network Augmentation 
  • Network Reticulation 
  • Lightning Design 

Fig 02 


  • STEP 01: Application 
  • STEP 02: Supply offer from utility 
  • STEP 03: Notice of Advice(NOA) 
  • STEP 04: Site visits and Notifications 
  • STEP 05: Method of Supply 
  • STEP 06: Design Brief 
  • STEP 07: GIS extract 
  • STEP 08: Asset Number Requests  
  • STEP 09: Summary Environmental Report (SER) 
  • STEP 10: Design a Safety Report 
  • STEP 11: Asset Valuation Summary 
  • STEP 12: Earthing Calculations 
  • STEP 13: Duct Pull Calculations 
  • STEP 14: ADMD calculations 
  • STEP 15: Voltage drop calculations 
  • STEP 16: Pole strength calculations in NEARA or Poles & Wires 
  • STEP 17: Duct pull calculations 
  • STEP 18: Earthing design 
  • STEP 19: Lighting design 
  • STEP 20: AutoCAD design plan 
  • STEP 21: GIS Validation 
  • STEP 22: Submission  
  • STEP 23: Certification

Above is the hierarchy for any ASP L3 design it may vary with different utilities. 

In NSW, Australia, iEngineering Group offers competitive engineering services. With Planning, Industry & Environment NSW for Australian Electricity, we have Accredited ASP Level 3 Designers. 

Supply Companies (Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy, and Essential Energy). 

Years of engineering and design experience are combined with our engineering design team’s practical expertise in power line construction techniques. Our team will provide you with exceptional results throughout the project cycle because most of the members have years of project managing the building of power lines under their belts. Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP) is where the majority of the team members first gained their experience. 

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