Power Quality Solution

Power Quality Solution

Power quality solutions  related with variation of voltage and current. The power quality problems can be viewed as the difference between the quality of power supplied and the quality of power required for reliable operation of the load equipment, power quality problem generally occurs due to the power electronics equipment because it contains new ways to fabricate the products, service providing and utilization of the energy. 

Different Types of Power Quality Solutions  

 1) POWER FACTOR CORRECTION PANEL (PFC-Automatic and Real time): 

PFC panels are capacitor banks which are switched to provide reactive power support. We have a wide range of PFC Panel starting from 50kVAR to 4000kVAR with voltage 400-1200V. Our APFC panel is a system integrated with a CRCA sheet enclosure with powder coated and switch gear of high-quality is with AUS/IEC STD We are the leading supplier of APFCU at competitive prices in Australia, Fiji and PNG. 

iEngineering smart real-time power factor correction panel is using latest technology controller for PF correction through thyristors switching.  


Our HTAPFC is mostly used in Sugar Plant, Chemical Industry, Textile and Cement Plant.  Our HTPFC panels provide protection from excess power and prevent leading power factor in low load conditions. 

Say Yes to HTAPFC and say No to Penalty. 

 3) HARMONICS FILTER (Passive, Active, Hybrid and HT Bank): 

We are providing a Harmonic Filter starting from 50kVAR to 4000kVAR with voltage 400-1200V. We assure you Total Harmonic Reduction up to 5%. Hybrid Harmonic Filters integrate some passive and/or active filters and their shape can be of series or parallel topology or a mixture of the two. 

We are a leading provider of custom base harmonic filter. 

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