NEPLAN -EV Charger Hosting Analysis



Hosting capacity is defined as the amount of Distributed Energy Resources that can be accommodated without adversely impacting power quality or the reliability of the distribution network.

With the important challenges of the DG (Distributed Generation) penetration and the expected addition of e-mobility and storage capacity, new measures to achieve the balance between utilities and consumers with installed DG must be adopted.

To improve drastically the flexibility in the integrations of DG and others in the future of the grid expansion, increase the reserve capacity, amplify the Hosting Capacity, and avoid bottlenecks that can affect the grid flexibility, it is imperative when planning new feeders to consider seriously the advantages.

Following Hosting Analysis is done in NEPLAN.

Kindly refer shared video indicating

  • SLD (Single Line Diagram)
  • Hosting Analysis
  • Heat Map indicating amount of Generating capacity in KW can be installed as charging station for E mobility loads.
  • Red indicating high-capacity charging station can be installed about 80 KW.
  • Blue indicating low-capacity charging station can be installed about 20KW.


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