Hydropower Engineering Studies

Hydropower is one of most stable forms of Renewal Power Generation. There are various types of Hydropower Plants such as Impoundment (Dam), Diversion (Canal), Pumped Storage of different sizes Large, Small and Micro.

At iEngineering Group, we can assist in planning & designing of Hydropower Projects by providing following services:

  • Identification of potential hydro project sites.
  • Detailed Hydrological studies.
  • Detailed topographical survey and field investigations of project site.
  • Pre-feasibility studies and preparation of reports.
  • Detailed Project Reports (Feasibility Study Reports)
  • Project Estimation & Appraisal Reports.
  • Structural designs of all civil components & preparation of construction drawings.
  • Structural designs of all Hydro mechanical components & preparation of fabrication drawings.
  • Supervision of construction & erection work till commissioning of project.
  • Monitoring of construction work at various stages.

For more information please visit https://ieng.tech/plants/hydro-power-plant/

For any enquiries, please contact shubham@iengaust.com.au

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