Neara-Designer Accelerate the design process with greater accuracy, speed, and efficiency.

Neara Designer is a comprehensive, cloud-based, network engineering and design tool. 

Accelerate engineering and digitization processes by automatically generating network models from geospatial data.

LiDAR, DXF, GiS, and other data sources are used to produce an engineering-grade 3D model of network assets.

NEARA Designer: A cloud based, network engineering and design tool. Accelerate the design process with greater accuracy, speed, efficiency. With minimum product training and intuitive tools, you can perform complex calculations with ease. You can rapidly validate your whole design using real-time feedback as you work, ensuring consistent regulatory compliance and clearance needs. 

Advantages for NEARA Users

Following are some of the advantages as per NEARA users experience: 

  • Rapid network risk identification: For the entire network, ~10x faster risk identification (e.g. conductor clashing) is possible.
  • More cost effective risk identification: Compared to manual inspection methods, ~5x reduced spend on risk identification.  
  • Enhanced Transparency into how Investments Impact Operations: Neara provides a precise and dynamic visual depiction of a utility’s network, inclusive of asset condition, location, and investment commitments, all within a single integrated platform.

Neara Designer Intuitive interface and design tools

Save design and revision time with Neara Designer’s sophisticated 3D visualization, cloud based collaboration and powerful import/export capabilities.

Design modelling and analysis capabilities include FEA, conductor sway simulations, route optimisation, tip load calculations, and much more.

Design power line

Neara Designer Full Customisation

Set up your work environment, asset libraries, and export formats to suit any jurisdiction or design policy requirements. Customize live reports to track clearance, capacity, tensioning, and other design parameters as you build.

Neara Designer Real-time Calculations

Make complex calculations with minimal product training and intuitive tools. With real-time feedback as you work, you can instantly validate your entire design to ensure consistent regulation compliance, and clearance requirements.

Cloud-based Collabration

Neara is cloud-based, delivering the same design and analysis capabilities on any computer at any location. Teams can share and collaborate on designs, reports, and dashboards seamlessly.