Your partner in EMI/EMC, Earthing and Lightning Design Solutions

With over 20 years of collective experience of our expertise and wide range of Earthing design studies on Solar plants, Substations, Transmission lines, Tower earthing, including Industrial and Commercial sectors iEngineering is helping grounding design professionals and industries to build and optimize their grounding design in a powerful program complying IEEE, IEC and EN standards.

With iEngineering Australia, you will be assured of quality services and value for your money.

Where we can help you in Grounding design :

  • Soil resistivity measurement
  • Step/Touch and Transfer of Potential
  • LFI and Split study
  • Earthing Studies/Reports
  • EMFI Studies/Reports
  • Earthing grid resistance testing via FOP or CIT
  • Earthing grid design verification
  • Lightning Protection and Risk Assessment
  • TGPR Analysis for GIS
  • Induced EMF studies
  • EMI EMC Compatibility measurement and studies
  • Earthing and Bonding Design
  • Inter and Intra System Risk Analysis

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